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 'Star Trek: Lower Decks' actor Jerry O'Connell has leaked a photo of him 
showing his hard cock selfie! Check it out!

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Where one fits two can fit too! The living proof of that saying is this intense 
Double Penetration Compilation. Watch the troopers giving a display of teamwork 
when two work on one simultaneously. Because there is nothing better than to 
tackle a situation by all fronts ...

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Jordan Dawson arrives at Tim Cosla with whom he has an appointment for a sex 
plan. As soon as he arrives, Jordan throws himself on Tim's tracksuit bottom to 
start licking his cock through the fabric. Very quickly, Tim takes out his big 
uncut device, he wants Jordan to suck his cock deep in his throat. Jordan is 
super excited to discover Tim Cosla's cock, he was looking forward to this 

 But the suck is not enough for him, just as for Tim, the two guys are there 
for one thing: to fuck very hard. Tim does not take long to be very hard and 
directly threads his big machine into Jordan's hole, who growls with pleasure. 
After a good few minutes of fucking Tim will flood Jordan's hole and continue 
to fuck him full of juice, yum! Which quickly leads Jordan to cum on his superb 
muscular chest.

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Joe Fitzpatrick is a young, handsome, fit and hairy lad. One of these straight 
lads who is happy to push his boundaries and today he returns and lets me be 
the first man ever to wank his hard-uncut cock! Joe shows off his body, strong 
muscles, and hairy legs before getting himself rock hard and showing off his 
hairy hole in doggy! I have a good go at wanking his cock before Joe gets comfy 
and unleashes a big load of cum all over himself! Great work Joe!
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During these strange times, straight guys are getting desperate for money and 
they seem to be more willing to go gay for pay! And, we're not complaining!

Matt Muck is back again and he's filming this week's scene for us! After the 
feedback from his last outdoor scene, Caruso was eager to have him film 
another. So, when he contacted Caruso and explained that he has another 
straight buddy that is willing to explore the gay for pay scene, Caruso jumped 
at the idea!

Will Powers is Matt's buddy and this country stud sure is hot! He's rough, 
tough, and packing some meat! Oh, and his ass is great too! Will has never done 
anything with a guy before, but he's horny, broke, and he really needs to blow 
a load!

Watch Matt as he takes the lead and shoves his tongue in Will's sexy ass! Will 
liked it so much that he was willing to take a cock up his ass for his first 
gay for pay experience!

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 Brent is one of those rare finds who floored me when I met him. Everything 
about this southern country boy exudes masculinity and pure straightness. He's 
tall, has beautiful blue eyes, great hair, smooth body, tan skin, and a nice 7 
incher cut nicely with big ass nuts. Brent is really just plain hot, and I 
can't believe I got him to do what he did for us today on tape. He's a virgin 
in every respect of the word to the whole "gay for pay" world and I'm bringing 
him to all of you today. He is one of the few studs on my site that just stand 

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Straight Off Base big-dicked Smitty is a country-boy Marine in uniform with a 
huge dick. I was palling around with my buddy Joe down in __________, CA, by 
the Marine base there, when we ran across Smitty who was trying to get back 
onto base. Smitty was a new arrival, on base for school after boot camp. He's a 
beefy guy, a big ol' cajun from the bayous down south. He had a fun personality 
and we convinced him to hang out with us for a bit, and make make a little 
money, which the new guys always really need. We had to get a motel to shoot 
in, as we weren't even planning on staying in town for more than a few hours 
before we met Smitty.

As soon as we started we discovered that Smitty had no shame. A straight 
football player high school, he had discovered early on that he didn't care who 
got him off so long as he got off. His huge, HUGE cock was too much for Joe to 
resist and he jumped in to lend Smitty a helping hand. Smitty knows what he 
likes and apparently that includes his own fingers in his ass to help him bring 
him to a moaning climax. Afterwards he hits the showers and show off his nice 
beefy ass!

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Our two hunks Adrian Hart and Brandon Anderson hit the showers and show us 
their Adonis bodies. They soon can't resist touching each other and they start 
to fuck each other with incredible passion until their not only soaked because 
of the showers and are covered in cum.

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Our Russian bear Andrei is naked for us again. This time he strips down for 
some muscle posing and a naked run through the woods before rubbing one out in 
a gusher of a hands free cum shot.

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What to do when you can't hookup with your regulars or use hookup apps. Johnny 
Ford and Quin Quire know how to pass the time when they're horny and bored, 
staying safe at home. They hit it with each other in an energized, 
out-of-this-world flip fuck. They lock lips and Quin works his mouth all over 
Johnny's body, before ending up with Johnny's thick, meaty cock in his mouth. 
After filling his throat with cock, Quin bends over to invite Johnny to rim his 
smooth eager hole. Eating Quin's hole gets Johnny so worked up he can't resist 
sliding his raw, thick, uncut pole deep inside Quin's ass. Quin takes it 
bareback in multiple positions before switching it up and shoving his sizeable 
rod into Johnny's tight ass. Quin pounds Johnny's hole with powerful thrusts 
until he drops his load onto Johnny's abs. When it's Johnny's turn, he climbs 
on top of Quin and rides his meat until he cums hands-free on Quin's abs.

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Retro-country daddy Zach Maxwell loves getting his nice 8" tool in a juicy, wet 
ass so he enjoys every inch of daddy Jacob Woods' hot and hairy hole. These two 
fuck outdoors until Jacob shoots with Zach's fat dick inside him then Zach 
gives Jacob his thick, juicy load.

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