Erik Hofman wrote:
> James Turner wrote:
>> I think this is a good example of why 'using std::xxx' is potentially  
>> problematic in headers (especially public library headers, i.e  
>> Simgear), but fine in sources. So if I'm doing future cleanups, that's  
>> the approach I'd take - remove 'using' from headers, and add it to  
>> sources, unless there's only one or two uses, in which case I'll use a  
>> std:: prefix.
>> Equally, I'm pretty sure people avoid calling things 'string' or  
>> 'vector' for exactly these reasons, so it's 99.9% unnecessary, as  
>> Melchior said.
>> Does this seem reasonable?
> Seems good to me.
To add my two cents:
I mostly favor putting "using" declarations at the top of source files instead 
of using namespace qualifiers in the code. On the other hand, I would probably 
use the namespace qualifer explicitly if the symbol in question is somewhat 
obscure, to give the reader a clue about its source. For example, I'd never 
std::string in code, but would probably type std::nth_element.

A middle ground, considered the best C++ style by many, is to explicitly use 
only the symbols you are referencing from a namespace, instead of using the 
whole namespace. This is a style and taste issue, best left to the individual 
developer and circumstances. Personally, I have typed "using namespace osg;" 
almost everywhere that there is a reference to Open Scene Graph symbols because 
there is a tendency to use many symbols from that namespace at once, but my 
thinking is now leaning towards explicit "using" declarations for individual 
symbols instead.


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