Tim Moore wrote:
> To add my two cents:
> I mostly favor putting "using" declarations at the top of source files 
> instead 
> of using namespace qualifiers in the code. On the other hand, I would 
> probably 
> use the namespace qualifer explicitly if the symbol in question is somewhat 
> obscure, to give the reader a clue about its source. For example, I'd never 
> type 
> std::string in code, but would probably type std::nth_element.
> A middle ground, considered the best C++ style by many, is to explicitly use 
> only the symbols you are referencing from a namespace, instead of using the 
> whole namespace. This is a style and taste issue, best left to the individual 
> developer and circumstances. Personally, I have typed "using namespace osg;" 
> almost everywhere that there is a reference to Open Scene Graph symbols 
> because 
> there is a tendency to use many symbols from that namespace at once, but my 
> thinking is now leaning towards explicit "using" declarations for individual 
> symbols instead.

This is pretty much in line with the rest, excellent.
Just a note to the developers, this is *not* a regulation but rather a 


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