On Sunday 16 November 2008 00:02:13 Durk Talsma wrote:
> I believe that the code has now matured enough to give it a wider audience.
> Therefore, I intend to commit this code tomorrow. I will also commit a
> small sample of the EHAM demo that we are working on.

Done. I have also included a small sample of the new xml based airline data 
(schedules for KLM and KLM cityhopper, which should give a fairly good 
impression of the system's capabilities). This is part of the EHAM demo that 
we are currently working on. I will commit the rest pending feedback and 
completion of the demo.

To give the new code a shot, try running flightgear with:

./src/Main/fgfs --airport=EHAM --aircraft=mibs --com1=121.7

There is some limited support for AI/ATC interaction. This currently only 
works for startup messages. More will follow.

For those interested in creating traffic: The current xml files can be created 
rather easily using a plain text format (identical to my initial test files), 
and a little perl script that I hacked together. I will commit those probably 
later, since they are still a little immature. These scripts are, however, 
available upon request.


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