On Nov 16, 2008, at 1:17 PM, Durk Talsma wrote:
On Sunday 16 November 2008 20:34:48 Heiko Schulz wrote:

Small? I think people with lower computer perfomance will have problems-
but there is always --proportion=1.0

Ah yes, the one file I committed does contain the singlemost largest operator at EHAM. The sample is "small" in the sense that I checked in data from only one airline. But, my experience is that you need to have a fairly large set already, if you want to see any action at all, hence my choice to commit the
KLM files.

The proportion property should still work to limit the amount of loaded aircraft, although I haven't checked that very closely. Will have a look

But looks great! If we could get the AI/ATC interactions work with voice
(like ATIS) it would be much more great!

I know that some people have successfully streamed the text messages to the "festival" speech generator. That's still something that I would like to try.

As being one of the only blind female pilots in here voice on that part of the towercommunication would be a good idea instead of as it is now using the synth for it . However there is one thing. If we should have that one would have to make all the words for it and it would have to be called each time as it is for ATIS.
It is not  a bad idea at all just saying :)
As for streaming text to speach i do that all the time with a lot of the instruments dme, vor, gps, rpm for the engine, throttle, heading altitude ground view and so on. Okies when i started in here i had AndersG and Jester helping me making it work that way that it streamed it to the speach that is in my mac but the selution was simply not good and responsive enough. I ended up installing a free speach that i also use on my windows box... could we forget i admitted that ?
It really did not work in a fast and mature way til i did.
So 2 things are important if you want ot use speach on flightgear.
1: what speach do you like "which one can your brain handle at over 370 words pr minute and yes it sometimes is that hectic round ksfo, cause of all the pilots chittering .
2 how much memory does the speach use from your computer ?
well i started with "alex" for mac and as much as i adore him he was simply not good enough for the task, i guess the fact that i fly from a mac book air did not help metters either :)
I just found eham for some days ago. thanks for a nice place to fly !:)


ps dont know why my first attempt did not go through first time .
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