Could you describe the --headless option (Phase 1 changes)?
Sounds a little like what I'm trying to get Flightgear to do.
/I was hoping to have multiple airplanes (each controlled by an individual program), each being updated once per video render instead of having independent execution frequency. Using version 0.9.2's multiplay option, I can get a number of planes visible but the 'once per video render' update still needs some
work. Til now I've been viewing the group of planes from one of the players' views. I'm not sure if
this idea can be done, but (considering what I'm trying to do) is it possible to have flightgear toggle
between each player's view? For instance, starting up several 'players' but only having one screen...
and being able to switch between each player's view. Sounds like a weird idea? maybe I should back on the coffee :-P

thanks, Mick.

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