John Barrett wrote:

"headless" would be "without any graphical display at all"

multiplayer does multiple planes in the scene, but expects the controlling
logic for all but the local plane (none in the case of headless) to be
handled by processes over the network

I would VERY much like to see the ability to have a plane instance not
attached to an OpenGL scene updating at a set frequency (for AI driven
planes at the server, rather than at the client) --

This basically asks for an autopilot only FDM. It might be worth a few minutes of programming to extend the NULL FDM with autopilot functionallity.

> given that, having the
plane able also to attach to an existing scene would achieve the 1st half of
your requirements (attach as many planes as you like), then the input
routines would need to be isolated from a specific plane instance, and made
able to attach to any locally running plane instance via a menu

for starters, we would need:

1. local plane instances that can operate with or without a local OpenGL
scene, optionally with PSL scripting for AI

This is done in the ATC code of David Luff.

2. keyboard/mouse/joystick interface isolated from the plane instance, with
the ability to attach to any local plane instance (i.e. you could detatch
from all planes and only the menus would be active, or you could be

This doesn't sound too difficult either.

What this gets us:

1. a running FGFS instance can have multiple planes without multiplayer,
with the planes scripted if desired to play out a scenario (civilian
scenario: cope with a plane invading your airspace while on approach/combat
scenario: obviously :) blow them outa the sky :) )

2. running headless connected to a multiplayer server, the FGFS instance can
handle multiple AI driven planes in the world on behalf of the server,
creating a distributed server environment for larger simulations (would take
a little tweaking of the multiplayer code to cope with multiple plane
instances at the client, but very possible, and quite desirable IMO)

I'm not sure I like the idea of FlightGear set up as a server. This will however keeps the code between the server and the client as close as possible.

Are any of these abilities in the current code, or how much work are we
looking at to make it work this way ??

There already is an option to disable "out of the window view" which is used for the c172-610x/panel only aircraft, but this one still displays the panel.


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