I'm sure this subject has been brought up plenty of times but I think it would 
be great to compile a list of all the features that we need the FG terrain 
rendering system to support.

I want to keep this to features only - lets forget about the implementation 
for the moment so we can at least get everyone's ideas down without having 50 
emails of "it can't be done like this" or "must be done like that".
Let's make a comprehensive list first and then discuss the HOWTO's afterwards.
Maybe we can even come up with a roadmap!!!  :-P

My list :

1. LOD algorithm/system (with adjustable radius for high and low end users)
The current irregular grid mesh works but it's not very efficient and we could 
get much better framerates with a nice LOD system. Alternatively much higher 
elevation resolution with similar framerates.

2. Texture overlays - FG scenery engine does the chopping and texture co-ord 
generation.  (I won't go into details but this would greatly simplify LOD 

Your list :


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