On Wednesday 12 May 2004 14:16, David Culp wrote:
> > > While playing around tonight I
> > > noticed that the models on the
> > > groung with no engines running
> > > will turn in a circle left or right depending
> > > on which way the rudder/steering is pointing.
> > > if the steering is straight ahead(rudder centered)
> > > then the A/C does not turn.
> >
> > Which FDM(s)?
> I see it happening in JSBSim, with engines running or not.  Could be due to
> the jitter, or residual "u-fps", which never gets to zero (fluctuates
> around 0.002 to 0.007).  The new ground reactions system might fix that.
> As for Yasim, I tried the A-10, but it either sits on its tail, or bounces
> continualy on its gear.  Maybe I have an old config.
> Dave

Re the A-10 problem: is this with the cvs version?

There's an updated package available at


It's still not textured properly atm - just converted to .ac format and 
coloured, but as it's been re-named it'll co-exist with the version currently 
in cvs.  This version should sit on it's u/c ok, even with no fuel in it;)


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