Curtis L. Olson

> This falls into the category of useless ear candy (and there 
> are a few 
> things left to be improved) but I have taken my first stab at 
> implimenting some 3d sound in FG.  Currently you only can get this 
> effect when flying from the tower view (good R/C practice).  
> As you do a 
> fly by you should hear a volume change, hear a doppler shift, 
> and hear 
> the position change in the left/right speakers.  The effect 
> is best (or 
> most like you'd expect to hear) if you fly by close, but not 
> too close.  
> (Requires latest CVS code of course.)  Sorry Jon, no screen shots for 
> this one. :-)
> Regards,
> Curt.

Very impressive. Or it would be if Cygwin users could hear it. 



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