* Erik Hofman -- Wednesday 28 April 2004 14:15:
> Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> > Oh, I forgot to mention: the main problems with aRts and ALSA seem
> > to lie in ALSA, at least for some chips (e.g. AC97). This improved
> > vastly in the latest 2.6.* Linux kernels.
> Sure, the most widely used sound option doesn't work correct. That makes 
> sense.

I may of course be wrong. But this was the impression I got from reading
the Linux kernel mailing list (lkml), the kde-core, kde-devel, and
kde-amarok (sound development) lists, and from regularly updating to
the latest ALSA (now as part of the kernel; separately before) and
at least once every week to the latest version of aRts.   :-P


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