On Friday 30 April 2004 18:45, Gene Buckle wrote:
> > Gene Buckle wrote:
> > > You could've saved yourself the effort and joined the simpits-tech
> > > mailing list at http://www.simpits.org.  There's over 300 people on
> > > the list.
> >
> > I AM on that list :)
> > I've even posted a few times.
> >

<AOL>Me too</AOL>

> > And then... simpits is not fgfs specific. Most discussions tend to be
> > fighter pit based and mostly on MSFS or Falcon.
> There's not a whole lot of FGFS discussion because it's not a drop and go
> solution like MSFS or Falcon (and soon to be Lock On: Modern Air Combat)
> is.  If it was easier for non-programmer types to interface to, I'm sure
> more people would use it.  Having a FlightGear cockpit evangelist wouldn't
> hurt either. :)

The thing is though us FGFS guys would want to talk about things that 
programmer types like to talk about and I think it would potentially bore or 
confuse the current SimPits list group.  IMHO one great thing about the net 
is the choice (either that you have, or your influence on others ;-)    ).  
So I think the more the better.


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