On Fri, 30 Apr 2004 19:03:53 +0100
Al West wrote:

> > There's not a whole lot of FGFS discussion because it's not a drop
> > and go solution like MSFS or Falcon (and soon to be Lock On: Modern
> > Air Combat) is.  If it was easier for non-programmer types to
> > interface to, I'm sure more people would use it.  Having a
> > FlightGear cockpit evangelist wouldn't hurt either. :)
> >
> The thing is though us FGFS guys would want to talk about things that 
> programmer types like to talk about and I think it would potentially
> bore or confuse the current SimPits list group.  IMHO one great thing

Totally agree. The level on some other forums I also frequent is
often not very high. There are a lot of non-tech people trying to
build their own cockpit. For them it ususally starts out as a huge
learning experience, esp. in the electronics field.

> about the net is the choice (either that you have, or your influence
> on others ;-)    ).  So I think the more the better.


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