Andy Ross writes:
> Norman Vine wrote:
> > Andy Ross wrote:
> > > You *can* do this with cygwin [...]  The compiler supports a
> > > -mno-cygwin flag
> > >
> > > Unfortunately it turns out that cygwin doesn't install these tools
> > > under the conventional "platform-program" names (e.g. mingw32-gcc)
> >
> > To invoke the the MingW version of the Cygwin compiler use gcc
> > -mno-cygwin
> Yes, but the question was how to specify that option to an
> autoconf-generated configure script to get it to use that option.
> Cygwin doesn't follow the standard convention here.

the problem probably is that there is no way for autoconfig to
determine whether you want to compile for MingW or Cygwin
because both systems are running on Windows ;-)

Note that MSYS has a modified uname command so this is
not a problem when using the MSYS version of gcc on Windows.

But IMHO this is just want of those cases where you are better off
explicitly telling the compiler what you want.

CC='gcc -mno-cygwin' CXX='c++ -mno-cygwin' ./configure --build=mingw32  --host=mingw32



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