Giles Robertson wrote:
> From main.cxx:
> if ( idle_state == 1000 ) {
>         // We've finished all our initialization steps, from now on we
>         // run the main loop.
>         fgRegisterIdleHandler(fgMainLoop);
> idle_state appears to be declared globally, so you should be able to
> test straight for that:

That's not sufficient, though.  At this point, the FDM initialization
still hasn't occurred; it needs to wait for the tile under the
aircraft to load first, which can still be a few more seconds.

The problem is deep, unfortunately.  There just isn't a single boolean
you can check to see if the sim is finished initializing; different
subsystems come up at different times.  This is especially true with
some of the Nasal code, which has to set timers to wait until the
initialization is (probably) finished.


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