Andy Ross wrote:
Josh Babcock wrote:

cvs update: move away [...]
C data/Scenery/w130n30/w122n37/1Q4.btg.gz

Anybody have any idea what's wrong with my sandbox, or what I can
do to prevent this?  It takes forever, basically I am forced to
dl all the demo scenery every time i update.

It looks to me like you dropped generic scenery from the ftp
server on top of the base package and tried to make cvs update
figure out how to manage the changes.  Don't do that, use a
separate directory. :)

On a similar note: how about moving the base package scenery into
a separate directory ("BaseScenery", or
maybe "DoNotTouchThisDirectory") and putting it at the end of the
the scenery path, after an empty Scenery directory.  This way
users would have an obvious place to put downloaded scenery
without worrying about path management.


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Yep, that's what I did. I didn't know there's a scenery path. Where do I change this? I originally wanted to put them in different dirs, but I couldn't figure out how.


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