* Josh Babcock -- Friday 14 May 2004 18:39:
> YI didn't know there's a scenery path.  Where do I 
> change this?  I originally wanted to put them in different dirs, but I couldn't 
> figure out how.

That's what I use:


- LocalScenery is a high res tile from Dave (e010n40)
- ~/.fgfs/Scenery contains some local scenery additions (like buildings)
- Scenery is the official base package scenery
- TerraSyncScenery is what it says it is (based on a whole world scenery d/l)

The dirs are searched in this order, so local things have precedence, the
base package dir remains unchanged (except by cvs up) and finally I have
some more or less actual scenery from any point of the world.


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