Roman Grigoriev wrote:

> Hi guys!
> I'ts nice to have this feature in flightgear and looks really cool
> but another very nice feature is VBO (works on all PC videocards (ATI and
> Nvidia))
> I use it and have some speedup now I improved my version of ssgVtxTable on
> if someone intrested feel free to mail me (now I setup vertex pointers on
> init phase, not in draw method and have 20-30% speedup. But someone we need
> to change in scenery, because we have so many vertex arrays to draw.
> If we already use multitexturing why not to use this method for drawing
> tiles
> We have 1 VBO per tile and 4-8 textures per tile and this will be really
> looks cool.
> What do you think about it?

Hi Roman,

first fell free to send me whatever code you want to share.
Bumpmapping is done on a very narrow type of objects : clouds.
Their plib scenegraph is very simple and was easy to substitute with custom
code. My feeling is that VBO fit deeper in the scenegraph rendering code and
affect plib itself. Moreover, the data for clouds changes every frame, so,
in this specific area, I doubt it can help, but can be worth to have for terrain.

I am currently experimenting with ssg to replace the state management system
to have something more flexible in the way openscenegraph do these things.
The first milestone will be to have current plib application work as they do now.
Next, I will add multitexturing.

I am currently finishing the initial coding and I think I will be ready to start 
next week.

Fancy stuff will come later.


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