I'm pretty close to being finished with the new world scenery build.

A quick check with "du" shows that the previous build consumed 11.7 Gb (extracted.) The new build consumes about 17.8 Gb extracted, which is about 50% larger. I haven't had a chance to look closely, but I believe much of this increase is due to the much higher terrain resolution for europe, asia, africa, and south america.

I have just started building tarballs of the 10x10 degree chunks a few minutes ago. I'm guessing this will run a while. In the mean time you can rsync or terrasync the latest scenery from scenery.flightgear.org::Scenery-0.9.5

We should probably start thinking seriously about doing our next FlightGear release soon so that we can have an official release out there that can take advantage of some of the new scenery features.



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