Lee Elliott wrote:
On Saturday 05 June 2004 00:20, Chris Metzler wrote:

OK, I finally got a big block of time to commit to building plib,
SimGear, and FlightGear from CVS, only to find that I didn't need
it.  I was expecting to have to solve lots of problems; instead,
the builds went like a breeze.  No problems at all.

Unfortunately, running it was problematic.  I guess between
version 0.9.4 in Debian testing/unstable and the current CVS,
sound was switched to OpenAL.  I ran into one problem and one

1.  constant pops, crackles, etc., while error messages of the

} Oops AL error in sample set_volume()! 1.3 for

scroll up the screen by the score.  I don't know anything about
OpenAL; but I'm surprised to have sound problems, since this
is a system that's been built/tuned for doing audio work, with
Robert Love/Andrew Morton's patches in place and a lot of
latency testing done.

2.  the c172 sound in the cockpit is very different from outside
it.  From a view outside the cockpit, it sounds like it did in
version 0.9.4.  But from the cockpit view, it has a high pitch
and more distorted-sounding noise.  This may be intentional; maybe
cockpit noise really does differ in such a way (I only wish I was
a pilot).  But I figured I'd check anyway.

Any advice, especially on #1, would really be appreciated.


I think #1 is due to the volume scaling set up in the corresponding sound.xml config - it looks like the volume level that's generated is > 1.

I had this with all the a/c I've done when the OpenAL switch occurred and had to adjust the sound configs to ensure that the max volume wouldn't exceed 1.

Yes, that's correct. Some one has to go through all (or at least the most important) sound configuration files to update the files.
Probably of most importance is the default aircraft.

For #2, there were some sound changes to the c172 sound file to try to mimic the difference between internal and external sounds for at least the c172. The changes were made prior to switching to OpenAL though, so that might needs some more attention also.


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