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> I think a bug/feature request facility such as the one on the 
> SourceForge site is invaluable.

I've certainly found the Debian and GNOME BTSes invaluable.  A ton
of times I've run into issues with stuff on Debian, immediately
checked the BTS and found that it relates to a bug that someone
else has already reported.  Sometimes, workarounds are present in
the discussion about that bug (and thus available in a place most
likely to be encountered by others experiencing the same problem),
which is handy for when the fix is not yet available in the
official package.  The GNOME bugzilla appears to also be used to
keep track of who's working on fixing something; and if they had
to put the problem down because of other commitments or whatever,
there's a record of what they learned and how far they got.

OTOH, it takes a fair amount of effort to maintain such a BTS.
FG is a much smaller project, and thus would require less effort,
to be sure; but for the same reason, it'd have (it has) a lot
fewer bugs to keep track of, and so there's less of a compelling
need.  And while I think it'd be handy to have, I have no idea
whatsoever whether the overhead is larger than the benefit.  And
of course, it'd only be useful if people committed to using it.

> If you ever find an issue with JSBSim 
> in FlightGear, please do report it. You can find the link to the 
> reporting facilities for JSBSim at www.jsbsim.org.

Well, some problems one might run into are clearly not FDM related.
But given my current state of ignorance, I can imagine running into
problems for which I would have no idea whether they're related to
the guts of fgfs or whether they're related to the FDM used.
Hopefully that will change with time.


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