Curtis L. Olson wrote:

All the approaches at KLAX have a 1 or 2 nm bias for the DME. Like you say, there is no *requirement* for this, but there are installations that have a bias set up.

That's strange. Here are the DME distances at the runway threshold for the eight ILS approaches at KLAX, according to the NACO approach plates:

ILS 6L: 1.6 DME
ILS 6R: 1.8 DME
ILS 7L: 2.1 DME
ILS 7R: 2.1 DME
ILS 24L: 1.9 DME
ILS 24R: 1.9 DME
ILS 25L: 2.0 DME
ILS 25R: 2.0 DME

Those distances suggest that the DME transmitter is not too far from the localizer past the far end of each runway. If there's a negative bias of 1-2 nm, then I think that some of these might be out in the Pacific Ocean, but I'll need to look at a map to check.

Thanks for taking the time to implement this, Curt -- I'm interested in learning more about the whole issue.

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