This week I tweaked the autopilot of the MD11 a bit, and right now I have a 
reasonably well working autothrottle and altitude hold. I also modified the 
engine configuration file a bit by lowering the default TSFC and by-pass 
ratio values, based on information I found on the web. 

So, this morning, I tried doing some range testing, and found that the MD11 
prototype can now fly a distance of about 4500 miles. This may seem a bit 
short, but I discovered that the (aeromatic generated) JSBSim configuration 
file has four fuel tanks, but the engines draw fuel from only three tanks. Is 
there a way to fix this, so that the engines draw fuel from all four tanks?

Also, I was wondering whether or not I can  modify the TSCF and bypass ratio 
values in the JSBSim turbine engine files, without introducing any unwanted 
side effects. 

If I can get the sim to draw fuel from the fourth tank, we get a range of 
about 6000-6500 miles. Interestingly enough, that's pretty close to the 
published figure of about 6460 nautical miles that the original 
(non-improved) GE powered MD11's could do. :-)


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