Hi Durk

Durk Talsma writes

So, this morning, I tried doing some range testing, and found that the MD11
prototype can now fly a distance of about 4500 miles. This may seem a bit
short, but I discovered that the (aeromatic generated) JSBSim configuration
file has four fuel tanks, but the engines draw fuel from only three tanks. Is
there a way to fix this, so that the engines draw fuel from all four tanks?

Yes each engine in the aeromatic aircraft file has a feed statement just add
another feed statement for the fourth tank you can have it feed all three
engines or just one.By adding feed statements you can get all tanks to feed
all engines

Also, I was wondering whether or not I can modify the TSCF and bypass ratio
values in the JSBSim turbine engine files, without introducing any unwanted
side effects.

Yes. The only thing is some of the TSFC are for T/O not cruise.Need to pick the
cruise one if you have got it.

Cheers, Durk


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