ima.sudonim said:

> Finally, something I can help with! 8-)
> In much of the world (Poland included) you pay per impulse (about 3 
> minutes) even for a local call. So downloading can be expensive if you 
> use dialup.
> They've got 10 copies for sale, buy now for 30 PLN (polish zloties) 
> around 9 USD.
> A rough translation (2nd have of the page after the auction specifics) 
> below, quoted text is the original Polish:
> Welcome to my auction
> I am presenting FlightGear an Ultra realistic flight simulator.  Why 
> spend more than 200 zl (about 50 usd or so) for this product, which you 
> can have for much less when flying emotions are the same.
> The realism of the game permits one to learn the secrets of (plane) 
> flight --  preserving realistic flight physics and control of the 
> plane, there are a lot of planes to chose from. The game offers the 
> possibility of flying practically over the entire globe (see below)
> FlightGear is a game which is 100% free. You may download it from the 
> internet. You need to download more than 90 mb at once from the 
> internet and there are a lot of extras also. The price which I sell 
> this game for is a sum paid as I downloaded and prepared the game for 
> you. Upon paying to my bank account, I will pay for free shipping. If 
> you buy from me, you get:
> The game on 1 cd
> Instructions in English (pdf on the cd)
> Instalation instructions and Fast Start in Polish
> Maps of the usa (partial) and Poland and areas to fly in (on the cd)
> All in a boxed DVD case

Thanks for the excellent translation.  This sounds like they are providing a
good service, very much in the spirit of the GPL.



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