I'm off to Italy tomorrow for a couple of weeks.

I've put the spitfire files here:


- they might work! There are 2 versions: spitfireIIa with legacy
propeller/engine code, and spitfireIIa-mod1 propeller/engine code. Only
spitfireIIa flies, spitfireIIa-mod1 only allows you to taxi, and that

The POH is here:


The model should operate as advertised!

F/f slides the canopy  H/h operates the radiator flap. Both have drag
associated, and the radiator flap gives a little lift. As per the real
thing. D/d CtrlD operates the door, which should be interlocked with the
canopy, but isn't. Some problem in the -set file or property tree.

Landing/takeoff are pretty realistic, except that the tail doesn't come up
soon enough. Over use of the brakes will nose the model over, as should over
use of the throttle, but doesn't. I might adjust the CofG a bit. Ailerons
are sensitive - you'll need them! 

K/k toggles the gear warning klaxon. N/n and M/m control the prop pitch and
mixture respectively. (leave these alone in normal flight)

The sound is a mess right now - pity because the sound file contains
recordings of a genuine Spitfire - Mk IX, but close enough.

Some more work left to do in the cockpit (pilot needs a seat, and animating
etc.), but it's pretty much finished now.

Look forward to the prop/engine problem being solved soon.


Vivian Meazza

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