Istvan Marko wrote:
Since the JSBSIM update some days ago the f16 model stopped working
properly for me. The elevator appears to be oscillating randomly, it's
seemingly in a different position for each frame update. This is
visible in the model animation and the aircraft is uncontrollable.

Does anyone else see this? I haven't seen it mentioned on the list yet
so I am starting to wonder if it's something about my setup.

Yes this is known. I have looked at it briefly, but because of time constrains I haven't found the time to fix this.

The other JSBSIM models work fine. I am using the CVS HEAD as of now
for both code and data.

The F-16 model uses more of JSBSim than any other model so far. Changes in the code are more likely to affect the F-16 in some way.


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