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David Megginson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Can anyone actually fly the Spitfire model in CVS?
>    fgfs --aircraft=spitfireIIa
> The elevators seem to have no effect at all.  On the ground, the plane 
> starts nosing down as soon as it gets to around 30 kt, and after an
> in-air start, it just dives.  I wonder if there's something wrong in the
> YASim config file.

Confirmed.  Also, at least for me, I have the same problem as with some
other aircraft like the Cessna, in that the volume settings are out
of whack, resulting in choppy broken audio and lots of 

WARNING: Volume larger than 1.0 for configuration for 'engine2'
Oops AL error in sample set_volume()! 2.15 for 

type messages.


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