> Erik Hofman wrote:
> Do you define the FG_SCENERY environment variable somewhere?
> If so, you might want to try to add both directories to your search path:
> FG_SCENERY=C:\FlightGear\data\Scenery\Terrain;C:\FlightGear\data\Scenery\Objects
Doing so works right. Tank you very much.

> Frederic Bouvier wrote:
> > How I can solve this? I've to merge the directories?
> > However, this could be caused by the fact that I've removed the source files in 
> > the directory
> > "objects" during the compilation?
> What do mean ? what files ?

I've removed from the project I've compiled the files into the directory "objects".
Initially I suspected that the problem was determined by this but, adding the other 
to the FG_SCENERY environment, I've noticed that this doesn't affect the program
(FlightGear now loads all the objects).


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