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"Luca Masera" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've compiled the CVS version of FlightGear but now I've a problem with
> the airports. The program, every 10 seconds, writes on the console the
> following message:
> cannot find KSQL in basic.dat.gz
> I've downloaded the CVS version of basic.dat.gz. I've also the latest
> scenery created and I've found that, instead, exists a file named
> "KSQL.bgt.gz" that, I think stores the airport data. Why this happens?
> How I can solve this (I've to remove the file KSQL...)?

This is a known issue; if you check back in the archives of this
mailing list, it's been discussed.  I'm not sure what component of
the software "wants" KSQL to be present; maybe there's some AI
traffic involving KSQL.  Someone else here (Erik?) probably knows
about that.  But the problem is that the latest set of airport data
from Robin Peel has some issues, and one of them is that San Carlos
Airport (KSQL) wasn't included in the new airport dataset at all.
So I expect that this will go away when the "fixed" airport data,
and thus fixed scenery tile, becomes available.


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