Actually, fine tuning the AI traffic systems should be high on our priority 
list before the next version comes out. Even when the AI is disabled by 
default in the new version, as Curt suggested, we should still make a minimal 
effort to ensure it's working reasonably well when a user decides to enable 

One of the problems I see sofar is that the MD11 is not included in the new 
base package by default, while the current AI system expects it to be there. 

IMHO we can do either one of three things:
1) Add the MD11 to the new base package
2) Change the MD11 model to another aircraft preferably either the 747 or the 
3) Disable the MD11 traffic patterns altogether, allow the latest additions to 
AIFlightPlan to be included in the main source tree and use the new 737 
traffic patterns instead, which I'm working on right now. 

Personally, option #3 is my favorite: Assuming we're getting the bad whether 
that's been forcasted, I can finish the new code easily by tomorrow, and the 
traffic patterns are also almost done. Another reason why I'd like to see 
these changes added in is that they eliminate the dependency on pre-written 
flightplans, and thus allow for a much easier creation of traffic files. 

Option #2 is my least favorite, even though I'm beginning to agree with Erik 
that the current MD11 model is quite heavy in terms of polygon count and 
should probably be replaced by a light weight AI model. However, I'd rather 
temporarily disable these patterns until we have a light weight AI MD11 then 
swap the model for an other aircraft model. I'd rather use "real" 737 traffic 
instead, which also has the added bonus of being centered around KSFO instead 
of around EHAM. 


On Saturday 17 July 2004 15:23, Frederic Bouvier wrote:
> Would these messages be removed before the release ?
> WARNING: ssgLoad3ds: Texture coords missing.
> WARNING: ssgLoad3ds: Texture coords missing.
> WARNING: ssgLoad3ds: Texture coords missing.
> WARNING: ssgSGIHeader::: Failed to open
> 'i:/flightgear/cvs/fgfsbase/Aircraft/MD11/Models/cowlings/SLEEVE.RGB' for
> reading.
> -Fred
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