Erik Hofman said:

> Jim Wilson wrote:
> > I've got the FDMs waiting while the scenery loads on startup.  Mid air starts
> > are smooth again and even ground starts are a little nicer, especially if
> > you've left the throttle on the joystick open full.  The screen shows the
> > scene as it always does, the aircraft just isn't moving.  Someone mentioned
> > putting up a "Loading Scenery" message while this is going on.  What's the
> > best way to do this?  At the moment I'm not interested in doing a fuel gauge.
> >  Just a pop-up would suffice.
> It's easy to do with a tiny Nasal script, which remains visible when a 
> property (/sim/initialized ?) is false.

Wouldn't that end up getting invoked every frame for the life of the program?
 This is just a one shot thing.



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