Jim Wilson wrote:
> On my system (CVS), the xml dialogs keep shrinking, just like Mike
> Teevee.

Confirmed.  Unfortunately my analysis has been delayed by the need to
google the Mike Teevee reference. :)

Seriously, I'm really busy right now at work, so I'm hoping someone
else can hack at this for the 0.9.5 release.  The essence of this bug
is that something isn't properly deleting the "height" and "width"
values on the top-level dialogs before doing the layout.  So the
second time the dialog pops up the layout manager thinks the dialog is
asking for the size it had the last time, applies (maybe?) a padding
correction, and lays it out a little smaller than last time.

The code looks correct, but clearly I missed something.  It might have
to do with the top-level PUI frame that gets added automatically by
the dialog code?  It looks like this is the only object that has its size
changed.  The rest of the dialog layout seems to be static across


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