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 John Wojnaroski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Curtis L. Olson wrote:

John Wojnaroski wrote:

Trying a build of the latest pre-0.9.5 release...

SimGear compile fails on sample_openal implicit declaration of alGetsourcei(...) and alutLoadWAVFile()

Searched the include files for AL and there is an alGetsourceiv() and alGetSourcefv() but the above functions are missing.

Running the stable version of debian (woody) and libopenal-dev 2.3 package from stable release. Searched thru the other testing and unstable directories with zero results...

Does SimGear/FG require the latest versions from their OpenAL website?

Probably yes, try grabbing the latest version from CVS. I was surprised to find that OpenAL has no official version number releases. You have to get the source via CVS if you get it from their site. And, they seem to be ok with making some API changes over time. And even stranger, they have a different API variant for MacOS. These are the annoyances we have to deal with when using OpenAL.


Grabbed the latest CVS download from the OpenAl website and did a build and install. Things look okay.. Back to simgear

There is no "process" like this for CygWin users, right? We have to use the pre-packaged tar file that exists somewhere on the net (I can't recall where it is). Have any CygWin users besides me, some months ago) tried to check out the latest OpenAL from CVS and compiling? Any time SimGear/FlightGear take advantage of new features added to OpenAL, CygWin users are going to have a problem, until OpenAL supports CygWin "out of the box".


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