Alex Romosan said:

> "Frederic Bouvier" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Is there a way to avoid the initial lock for scenery loading ?
> > I understand this is a must have for users, but it slows 
> > down development speed dramatically when you have to test the 
> > apparence of a new building or landmark.
> i think the fix for the scenery loading is not quite right. with it i
> get a very strange spitfire cockpit (i.e. i can see through the
> instrument panel and the body of the aircraft). looks like z-buffer
> ordering is not done properly (screen depth is 16bp, using the radeon
> freedesktop drivers). if i disable it, the cockpit looks normal again.
> if could only figure out how to start the damn plane...

That has got to be a bug elsewhere.  This only pauses the FDM.



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