Dave Perry wrote:

> Help!
> Since my CH Yoke and Pedals don't work with the "new" joydev driver in 
> Suse 9.1, I need to use my Saitek Cyborg Evo joystick.  Both js_demo and 
> jstest show all it's axes and buttons working but ony the non DEFANGED 
> functions work in FlightGear (that is aileron, elevator and rudder ... 
> no buttons).
> I had to edit three things in Cyborg-Evo.xml
> 1.  The name displayed by js_demo and jstest is "Saitek Cyborg USB 
> Stick" so I changed the name in the xml file.
> 2.  Axis for hat left/right was 4 (not 6) in jstest.
> 3.  Axis for hat fore/aft was 5 (not 7) in jstest.
> With these changes, only the non-<DEFANGED_script> functions work. 
> Is this xml a work in progress or have I broken something else?
> Some day I will learn not to "upgrade" a working very stable system!

The Cyborg-Evo.xml has all the features of a profile created for 
a windows user. As a reminder, axis numbering, and sometimes names,
are different between Linux/Unix and Windows. The usual differences 
are :

rudder : 3 for unix, 2 for windows
throttle : 2 for unix, 3 for windows
hat horizontal : 4 for unix, 6 for windows
hat vertical : 5 for unix, 7 for windows

Of course, you can see exceptions to that for gamepads or multi-featured
joysticks but it appears to be the general case for 4-axis joysticks.

To address that, and to have only one profile for any joystick, few 
things changed after the 0.9.4 release :

<axis n="number"> has been deprecated. You must now use the syntax below :

  <desc>View Direction</desc>

You can also put as any number of names as needed. So at the top of 
the file :

  <name>Saitek Cyborg Evo</name>
  <name>Alternate Saitek Cyborg Evo</name>
  <name>Another Saitek Cyborg Evo</name>

and so on.

These changes will hopefully prevent that successive patch to 
a "broken" profile really broke that profile for the other 
population of fgfs users as it has been the case in the past.

Nobody is owning all the joysticks we support, so it would be 
nice that anybody who has submitted a profile in the past 
update the syntax to avoid this kind of confusions.


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