Since my CH Yoke and Pedals don't work with the "new" joydev driver in Suse 9.1, I need to use my Saitek Cyborg Evo joystick. Both js_demo and jstest show all it's axes and buttons working but ony the non DEFANGED functions work in FlightGear (that is aileron, elevator and rudder ... no buttons).

I had to edit three things in Cyborg-Evo.xml

1. The name displayed by js_demo and jstest is "Saitek Cyborg USB Stick" so I changed the name in the xml file.
2. Axis for hat left/right was 4 (not 6) in jstest.
3. Axis for hat fore/aft was 5 (not 7) in jstest.

With these changes, only the non-<DEFANGED_script> functions work.

Is this xml a work in progress or have I broken something else?

Some day I will learn not to "upgrade" a working very stable system!

Best regards,
Dave P.

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