I'm having trouble using it on tcp/ip, altough over serial it works as 
i'm using other machine ( with netcat (nc -l -p 5500)
and firing FG on this pc( like this:

$ fgfs --generic=socket,out,5,,5500,tcp,osc
Failed to find runway 28R at airport LPMA
Initializing OpenAL sound manager
Unable to load the protocol configuration file

game loads as expected, no data is sent, and connection is closed when i close 
same thing if i use f1serial (osc is just a stripped down of f1serial.xml)
same thing for UDP, except that nc exits when FG starts

fgfs --native=socket,out,5,,5500,tcp
works nice, but receiving binary data was not what i had in mind 

versions used are a 3 week old cvs in slackware and 0.9.4 win32 binary

am i doing something wrong or generic protocol has problems over tcp/ip?

Thanks in advance,

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