Jim Wilson wrote:
There are no pre-release tags, but you could probably do a cvs checkout by
date if you wanted to be sure.

yes, thanks for that - actually, that's also what I've come up with in the meantime, just checked the 1.11 revision out ... but a compressed download of the entire directory structure would certainly have been faster :-) Also there is -of course- quite a lot of CVS related stuff in the checkout.

A couple of minutes ago I created the patch, don't know if it works
though, as I don't have the actual pre2-release installed locally,
will need to wait for feedback - posted the link to the users
mailing list.

This link to a cvs log shows the date/time that pre2 was finalized:

Note that this log happens to refer to the file that contains the version
number.  It's called "version" and is located in the base package directory.

Yes, sure - I did see that file (and also checked its contents) when I
looked for version information about the base package, but it states
only "0.9.4" - this even though I am _definitely_ using 0.9.5 *PRE*, so
having at least the exact version information of the base package
available would certainly make sense-including details about PRE-releases etc.

But then, also not to have to rely on cvs-specific files which would not
necessarily be available in a release version and hence won't be
suitable to determine the base package version in general.

-------- Boris

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