Boris Koenig said:

> Jim Wilson wrote:
> >  
> > There are no pre-release tags, but you could probably do a cvs checkout by
> > date if you wanted to be sure. 
> yes, thanks for that - actually, that's also what I've come up with in
> the meantime, just checked the 1.11 revision out ... but a compressed
> download of the entire directory structure would certainly have been
> faster :-)
> Also there is -of course- quite a lot of CVS related stuff in the
> checkout.
> A couple of minutes ago I created the patch, don't know if it works
> though, as I don't have the actual pre2-release installed locally,
> will need to wait for feedback - posted the link to the users
> mailing list.
> > This link to a cvs log shows the date/time that pre2 was finalized:
> >
> > 
> > Note that this log happens to refer to the file that contains the version
> > number.  It's called "version" and is located in the base package directory.
> Yes, sure - I did see that file (and also checked its contents) when I
> looked for version information about the base package, but it states
> only "0.9.4" - this even though I am _definitely_ using 0.9.5 *PRE*, so
> having at least the exact version information of the base package
> available would certainly make sense-including details about 
> PRE-releases etc.
> But then, also not to have to rely on cvs-specific files which would not
> necessarily be available in a release version and hence won't be
> suitable to determine the base package version in general.

That's true.  You are probably just too late this time around.  It is an
interesting idea having release to release patch files,  but I am not sure
what would be involved.

On the subject of versions, if you do not have the correct matching base
package version installed then FlightGear should give a message like this:

"Base package check failed ... Found version 0.9.4 at: ../../Base/fgfsbase
Please upgrade to version: 0.9.5-pre3"

That is pretty straight forward,  so I doubt you are seeing a mismatch.  I
suppose if somehow you had an issue with autoconf (the version number for the
program is set in This wouldn't make much sense.  Why don't
you experiment a little (look at your configuration, etc) and maybe even
change the number in the "version" file to see if you get the message. 
Perhaps there is a bug there.



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