Eric L Hathaway wrote:
Hello all,

The following patch updates the ThrustMaster FCS joystick configuration. I have "Nasal-ized" the joystick bindings, drawing ideas from the Cyborg-Gold-3d-USB configuration file. I also changed some of the bindings, so the joystick setup is more like the default four-axis-joystick config. When I submitted the original config file, I had the hat switch bound to the rudder and elevator trim. Since the vast majority (all?) of the other joystick configs use the hat switch to control view direction, I think it would be best for the defaults for this joystick to conform to the rest in order to obey the "principle of least surprise" for the unsuspecting user.

Good to see all "programmable" joysticks are adopting the same layout and functionality. This has been committed to CVS.

Thanks Eric!


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