On Monday 09 August 2004 17:12, Martin Spott wrote:
> Gunnstein Lye wrote:
> > How? If pulling the collective up makes the heli go up, then I would
> > expect the keyboard to behave in the same way: press up/pageup to go up.
> > (If he meant "mouse up", then I might agree)
> When you control the collective pitch of a heli flight sim you usually
> don't look on what's written on the keys - at least _I_ don't  ;-))
> To my sense the two keys substitute a little stick that has a flexible
> mounting between them. When you pull the stick, the PgDown key gets
> pressed down by the stick due to the flexible mounting.
> Then you could adapt the action of "pulling the lever" from the real
> heli,
> Martin.

That is if the imaginary stick extends away from you (over the Pause/Break 
button on a normal keyboard). If it extends towards you the effect is the 

Anyway, for a user who has never seen the inside of a helicopter cockpit, this 
just means inverting the meaning of "up" and "down", which surely must be 

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