Alex Romosan said:

> recently i took a helicopter tour of san francisco, so i decided to
> play a little bit more with the helicopter simulation in fgfs. it's a
> lot of fun. a couple of things though. i use the keyboard mappings and
> a mouse to "fly" and i noticed that the collective is mapped backwards
> (up goes down and down goes up). also i find PageUp and PageDown to be
> cumbersome, so i mapped the collective to the 1 and 2 keys (so i can
> use my left hand). with these changes i managed to hover and even land
> on top of the buildings in downtown sf. i've collected some of the
> screenshots at for
> comparison (although we didn't land on top of any of the buildings :-(
> ) the real pictures of sf are at


Those photos are really are nice!  Wow!  Mind me asking what you took them with?



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