For what it's worth, here is an update from Robin Peel who maintains the database of airports and Nav Aids for FlightGear and X-Plane:


It has not been possible to publish new data for a few months due to other pressures on my time. I am now working on a demanding project in my 'day job' which has a weekly commute of nearly 5,000 miles (KSNA-KLGA), and we also just relocated from New Mexico to a new home in southern California (just a few miles from my new home airport of Santa Ana - Orange County, KSNA).

Just as soon as I am able, I will incorporate the huge backlog of database updates into the master database and publish new data. Do not fear - none of the updates submitted to me have been lost - the next update will be huge! As soon as this next update has been released, I will work on a number of improvements to the scope and quality of the database.

Also please note my new e-mail address for X-Plane issues ([EMAIL PROTECTED] <>). Ben Supnik has graciously allowed me to use an address at his XSquawkBox project.

- Robin

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