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> Also please note my new e-mail address for X-Plane issues ([EMAIL PROTECTED] 
> <http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/xplane-news/post?postID=kxnzIVHxpU
> C2XgZX0h03NbhWRJWo3Cz6VwlhinzA86oP2C0v0ErUrkaVlY8rUfGobQcMxuMVumaWtA>). 
> Ben Supnik has graciously allowed me to use an address at his XSquawkBox
> project.

Hi, I'm a bit confused by this.  Is the email address secret, and you
have to go through Yahoo groups to send him email?  I sent him some
email about the taxiway designation stuff in updates a few weeks ago,
and now I'm wondering if I sent to an incorrect address . . .


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