We could also simulate the condense effect by this (when in right combination of temerature and rel. humidity, water drops appear behind the engine). Texture for this puff should be a bit more transparent, but should vary as well. It should last for more than 4 seconds as well and should slowly scale up (like the real condense lines when you look at them from the ground).

- Matevz

David Culp wrote:

From sky-writing it's a short step to contrails. Here's a screenshot of a first stab at contrails. Of course it will look better with something besides my white boxes!


This contrail contains a bunch of submodels that have a life-span of four seconds, so the trail terminates itself at a "distance" of four seconds behind the airplane.

The submodels, which use the puff.ac visual model, are released at 0.01 second intervals, however the real interval is limited to some larger amount due to frame rate. The contrail visual model will have to be tubular to avoid gaps between submodels.

This isn't in the code base yet, but I'll send on later today.

Next step is to define a <contrail-level> item for the environment system (with a default value of 30000 ?) to set the contrail level, and then have the environment system set a boolean property, like /environment/contrails, to true when the user is above the contrail level. The submodel can then use /environment/contrails as a trigger.


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