Xavier Nodet writes:

> Hi all,
> I dowloaded the newest version I could find (0.9.5a for Windows) and
> tried it on my Windows XP Pro SP1 machine. I noticed several things.
> 1. I can't hear the ATIS voice, even though the frequency is correct
>    (it is the one displayed when using the ATC/Frequencies menu).
>    Things are working correctly when using 0.9.4.

Hi Xavier,

ATC is off by default in 0.9.5.  If you turn it back on (under the ATC menu) you 
should be able to hear ATIS again.  However, the volume of the ATIS relative to the 
engine sound is very quiet since the transition to openAL, so it can still be very 
difficult to hear.  I'm hoping to look into this in the near future, and possibly 
re-record the ATIS.

Cheers - Dave

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