Derek Bridges wrote:

I'm posting this here since it seems to be a fairly
high-level question.

Does anyone know how if (and how) FlightGear (in
general, but I'm running 0.9.4) can use OpenFlight
(*.flt) files as terrain?  I'm asking for someone else
who has *.flt files produced using MultiGen Terrain
Studio.  I can see that PLIB can read *.flt files, but
I don't know if that's only for models (like
buildings) or if can also be used for terrain.

Derek Bridges


One of our newer systems at work uses MultiGen and .flt files. I'll have to see if it is "Creator" or what the particular name is. Anyway, if you find out more about this I'd be interested in exchanging information. After I get code working for the SPX-200, I intend on doing the same for our multigen system.



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