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On Sonntag 03 Oktober 2004 16:06, Jon Berndt wrote:
> I am trying to save to JSBSim CVS some files I have modified for reading
> the new JSBSim XML format. These files should not be part of the main
> (HEAD) branch at the moment. I'm not sure I have done this correctly. Can a
> CVS expert inform me what the correct procedure is to tag a subset of files
> with a branch tag, store them in CVS, and then commit changes as they are
> made? Also, I would need to know how to merge or commit changes from the
> branch to the main HEAD line upon completion of development.
If I look at your last checkin, you already did that right.

Just for the record:
- Creating that new branch.
- Checking out the new branch with cvs co -r <BRANCHNAME>
- Work as usual within that newly checked out directory. Everything you do in 
that directory is done on that branch (branch tags are sticky).

For merging changes from HEAD I use the following procedure:
First I create a tag in the HEAD branch when I did the past changes. You can 
do that in a directory with the checked out HEAD with:


This is an initial procedure which should be done with the HEAD revision used 
to create the new branch.

When I merge, I create a temporary tag on HEAD with


In your development directory for the XML branch you can then leave most work 
to cvs. It will incorporate the changes between the tags LAST-MERGE-TO-XML 


cvs even cares for cvs add's of new files ...
Check for conflicts, resolve them and check that in.

Then I move the LAST-MERGE-TO-XML tag to the LAST-MERGE-TO-XML-TMP to get that 
right for the next time I will merge changes. Again in the directory with the 
HEAD branch checked out:

cvs tag -d LAST-MERGE-TO-XML # remove old tag.
cvs tag -r LAST-MERGE-TO-XML-TMP LAST-MERGE-TO-XML # tag where tmp tag is
cvs tag -d LAST-MERGE-TO-XML-TMP # remove tmp tag

Thats it.

If you want to merge changes from the branch to HEAD. You can do the same with 
changed roles of the branches.



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