Jon Berndt wrote:

> Well, I've just about had it with cvs branches. I tagged some files in a
> branch, then
> moved to a test directory and checked out that branch, but only got the
> branch-tagged
> files. I needed all of the files, except I wanted the updated files on the
> specified
> branch.

use the -f option for cvs update to get the head if the tag is not present.

> One thing that makes this difficult is that it seems as though cvs at
> sourceforge has a
> lag. What I check in is not what I can check until a few hours later.

Use your developer account ( :ext2:... ) instead of the anonymous one (
:pserver:.... )

> I am trying to develop the new XML capability in JSBSim. There are some new
> files that I
> have checked in that are new and do not need to be on a new branch. But,
> there are some
> that are currently used and I do not want to commit these to the HEAD branch
> until the
> whole set of changes is done. However, CVS using branches is giving me a big
> headache - it
> seems to work differently than I expect it to. I'm not sure what to do.
> Suggestions
> welcome.

Branches are tought so I preferably assign them to directory instead of
simple files. Unfortunately, jsbsim files are located in the cvs root
folder, not in an src folder. It is easy to create a mess when managing
simple files, and this is why I recommend using a visual tool such as
WinCVS or its counterpart on Linux or anything else.

If I where you, I would tag the whole tree so that I wouldn't have to
remember what are files that need to be in the branch and those that
are not. cvs do a good job when adding or removing solely in the branch.


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